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this word can change your children bad behavior

caBEFORE change the bad behavior of children, parents have to change their behavior first. Often parents were surprised by the bad behavior of children who had never done before.

The action of the child clearly makes parents want emotion and anger. But, before angrily try to find an alternative way to change a child’s behavior, such as through advice or examples. Here are three words that can be parents to remember to change the bad behavior of children.


Everyone loves to know what to expect people to him. To that end, begin to tell the child what you want from them. Make the kids always consistently good attitude to praise them.


Not easy for parents at ease when surprised to see the bad behavior of children. Try to calm and good communication to children. When you talk to a state of calm, it is easier for a child receiving advice parents.


When someone knows someone who cares, then he feels is important. Therefore, show your concern to the children by telling them that arise due to the weakness of bad attitude. Give children the belief that they could be better. Thus was launched Familyshare,

Causes Benitez Sacked Madrid Version Modric

Rafael Benitez over a very short career as coach of Real Madrid. How not, the management of Los Merengues only took seven months to dismiss the 55-year-old man from his work.
The subject was then led to some speculation about the main cause Benitez was sacked by officials from Madrid. Many have considered that the former manager of Liverpool and Chelsea failed to satisfy management with the poor performance shown Madrid.
However, these assessments get immediate rebuttal from one of the players of Madrid, which is Luka Modric. Personnel Croatian national team was considered that the main cause Benitez was fired not because of poor performance obtained Madrid, particularly in counter-Barcelona El Clasico.
“Everybody has their own opinion. But in my judgment, we have not really prepared physically this season. It has been seen since the preseason and we can not handle it, “said Modric, as quoted by livescore 123  on Tuesday (01/19/2016) visit the site.
“After that we get some results were not as expected, so the dismissal (Benitez) it could not inevitable,” complete the former Tottenham Hotspur player.

4 Most Expensive and Most Popular Hotels in India


India has now become mandatory travel destination foreign tourists. This country offers a unique culture and the exotic Asian specialties. In fact, Tom Cruise celebrity class is often visited India in some time for a vacation.

Besides being known for his films, India also has a uniqueness that is not shared by other countries. Compiled from in ’10 Reason Why You Need Travel to India ‘, the most important factor which becomes the biggest attraction is the architecture that is reflected in every building. This makes each building in India is unique and valuable.

Not only building that looked at the site of worship, India also makes the design architecture of the city is shown by the many classic bercirikhas hotel. It is no wonder that many foreign celebrities who stayed at the following hotels, which is the most expensive and most popular in India



1. The Leela Palace


Hotel The Leela Palace which is located in New Delhi has become the most expensive hotel in India. Therefore, the price offered Rs550 thousand or equivalent to Rp 113 million (assuming an exchange rate of 1 RS amounting to Rp205.5) per night.

With the bombast price, The Leela Palace became the most expensive hotel in the heart of India. The hotel was built using the architectural style of Lutyens Delhi are quite famous. Lutyens Delhi is the name of an area in New Delhi. This name is used local governments to honor Edwin Lutyens, who designed a lot of buildings in India as part of the British Commonwealth in the years 1920-1930.

The Leela Palace Hotel is also adjacent to the Indian Presidential Palace and the Office of the Prime Minister of India. So, the hotel is often used as a place to stay diplomatic guests. Besides Tom Cruise, a character who stayed at this hotel, including Akon, the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, and Vladimir Putin.

Another thing that adds to the value of the prestigious Hotel The Leela Palace are facilities that use designer touches such as Bvlgari style toilet, jacuzzi beautiful, and some rooms are exclusive.

2. Taj Palace Hotel


Still in New Delhi, the hotel is the most expensive is the Taj Palace Hotel. Rates to stay at this luxury hotel of Rs800 thousand or equivalent to Rp164.4 million. One exclusive room at this hotel Mughal-style decor.

It is one of the interior decoration nuances of Islam in India. Coraknya synonymous with such natural, floral motifs, birds and other animals. In addition, this design focuses on human preferences in music and dance.

This luxury hotel is also demonstrated by the use of carpet in the meeting room. This carpet is a limited edition style ‘Jail Mughal Collection’ which was very expensive. In addition, the interior design to the stylish bathroom Bvlgari, room-style lobby formal look beautiful because it is equipped with a crystal imported directly from Germany.

As for celebrities and international figures who stayed at this hotel is Prrancis former president Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

3. The Taj Falaknuma Palace


The most expensive hotel in India next is The Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. Price to stay at this hotel for Rs500 thousand or equivalent to Rp102., Million. The uniqueness of this hotel is the large presidential suite offers a jacuzzi, a garden pool and exclusive spa.

The dining room in the hotel room is equipped with a special design of the ‘Versace’ and spoon and fork design for stylish Robbie and Berking. While other rooms, duplex suites have a private area that can entertain visitors.

As for the celebrities who often stay at this hotel was almost all bollywood celebrities, athletes, and business people abroad.

4. Taj Lake Palace


Lastly is the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. Price to stay at this hotel for Rs600 thousand, equivalent to Rp123,7 million per night. The uniqueness of this hotel is an ancient building that was built in 1740. It was originally a resting place in the summer. Cool air and a view facing the Lake Pichola, making increasingly beautiful and comfortable.

If you stay at this hotel, you will be picked up from the airport in Lean uses Jaguar car or a vintage car procession that also paraded with traditional folk dancers. It is amazing because you will feel the sensation in Bollywood films.

Another interesting thing is that you also get a private butler to throw a party. Bespoke menu, then designed by a personal chef. This increasingly romantic because you will enjoy views of the moonlit lake Pichola.

Easy Install Applications on Android

Google never run out of great ideas for products. This time, Google issued a recent innovation that will allow Android users to install the application.

This new feature allows users to download and install an application without the need to open the Play Store. Users simply search for the desired application via the Google Search application, there is the first search dihasil install button on the right result.

This feature proved to be easier for users to install the application with practical, although some users reported that they were led to the Play Store when clicking the install.

Unfortunately, this feature only applies to google apps, can not be used in the Chrome browser. Some users have even reported the service is already in force a few months ago.

Google has not officially announced whether the service can be used in another browser, like Chrome and Safari. However, if it becomes a permanent feature, This will support Google’s efforts to maintain dominance in the search engine segment.